Tell Biden, Trump & RFK Jr.: Debate Jill Stein!

The American people are hungry for a new kind of politics. Over 60% of voters say the ruling parties have failed us. Yet those same ruling parties (and a billionaire-funded “independent”) are trying to shut Jill Stein out of the presidential debates - even though she’s on track to be the one anti-genocide, pro-worker, climate action candidate on the ballot across the country.

Voters deserve to hear from all their choices - especially with so many rejecting the establishment candidates. It’s only a democratic election if there are open debates including every ballot-qualified candidate.

Tell Biden, Trump and RFK Jr.: stop hiding from democracy and debate Jill Stein!

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We the undersigned call on Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to debate Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate. As voters, we deserve to hear from all the candidates on our ballot, and as candidates it’s your job to defend your positions in open debate. Stop hiding from democracy and debate Jill Stein!

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