Help Jill in Missouri!

This is a make-or-break moment for our campaign:
Jill needs your help now to get on the ballot in Missouri! We have less than a month to collect 10,000 signatures by the July 29th deadline and every day counts

Democrats across the country are hiring political operatives and lawyers to keep grassroots campaigns like ours off the ballot. We can’t let them succeed. 

We’re going all out to make sure over 4 million Missouri voters have a pro-worker, anti-war, anti-genocide, climate action choice on the ballot - but to make it happen we need your help now.

Here’s how you can help:

• Help collect signatures - if you live in MO or can travel, we need your help! Let us know if you're willing to volunteer or interested in getting paid to collect signatures. If you can travel to MO, we can help make arrangements for your visit, including accommodations if you need them. We also need folks in MO or nearby who can provide housing or transportation for petitioners. However you can help, let us know:

• Donate to help Jill reach her critical fundraising goal to fund our MO ballot drive!

• Spread the word to your friends, family, and social networks!

You can find more info, including printable petition forms, on our Ballot Access Map 

This is the most urgent challenge for our campaign yet. We need everyone who supports Jill to do whatever they can to help, now.

Thank you for all you do to power this historic fight for people, planet, and peace!

Your Contribution powers our movement

Thank you for joining!