Pledge to Stop Genocide


We the undersigned demand the US government stop supporting the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. We therefore pledge to withhold all support from candidates supporting the genocidal war on Gaza. We will instead support only candidates who:

  • Support peace, freedom, dignity, equality, and security for all people in Palestine and Israel;
  • Don’t take money from AIPAC and the PACs and lobbyists for war profiteers;
  • Who specifically support:
    • An immediate ceasefire
    • Ending the blockade and allowing food, water, medicine, energy, and emergency shelter to enter Gaza
    • Return of all hostages and political prisoners
    • An end to Israeli occupation and apartheid
    • Compliance by all parties in the conflict with international law, including an end to all violence against civilians
    • Accountability for war crimes

Note: Personal data will not be public. If any person or organization would like to share or propagate this pledge, whether online or in person, we encourage them to do so freely. For more background info on the ongoing genocide, go here.

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Goal: 5000 signature

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