Pledge to Stop TikTok Censorship

We the undersigned demand the US government and Joe Biden immediately stop efforts to ban TikTok. 170 million Americans are on TikTok, including Biden’s campaign. The attempt to ban TikTok is nothing more than the latest assault on free speech by government and big tech through censoring and controlling the internet and social media.

TikTok is the leading platform for young people to communicate about their reality of being unable to afford rent, groceries, education and other essentials, while the worsening climate crisis looms over our future and both parties in Washington squander our money on endless war and genocide. Trying to ban TikTok is a transparent attempt to shut down this channel for us to communicate instead of solving the real problems we face.

We won’t let the elites take away one of the last remaining vehicles for free speech. We will not vote for any candidate who supports banning TikTok, and we will only support candidates who protect our free speech.

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Goal: 2000 signature

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