Jill Stein for President Road Trip

Jill Stein is hitting the campaign trail, with plans to visit 15 states in 3 weeks from February 23rd through March 13th. Come out to meet Jill and hear about how her campaign is offering a real choice for millions of voters who want an economy that works for working people, an end to endless war and genocide, and a livable future for our children!

As a grassroots campaign, we’re depending on you to make Jill’s trip happen. We still need to raise $8,000 for essential expenses - travel, lodging, food, venues, security - as well as $25,000 for insurance to cover our campaign events for the rest of the year. Will you pitch in now to help Jill campaign across the country?

We’re counting on supporters like you to help with organizing for Jill’s events across the country to make them as successful as possible. If you’re willing to help, please volunteer now to help with organizing and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

Here is Jill’s tentative travel schedule - check event links as they're added for more details, and check this page for updates!

Sun 2/25 - Denver, CO

Mon 2/26 - Portland, OR

Tue 2/27 - Seattle, WA

Thu 2/29 - New York, NY

Fri 3/1 - Morgantown, WV

Sat 3/2 - East Palestine, OH

Sat 3/2 - Columbus, OH

Sun 3/3 - Toledo, OH

Mon 3/4 - Lexington, KY

Tue 3/5 - Pittsburgh, PA

Wed 3/6 - Fort Wayne, IN

Thu 3/7 - Dearborn, MI

Sun 3/10 - Chicago, IL

Mon 3/11 - Madison, WI

Tue 3/12 - Racine, WI

Tue 3/12 - Milwaukee, WI

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