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March 2, 2024

Jill Stein meets with East Palestine residents at Town Hall, slams Biden for putting corporate donors over people’s lives


Jill Stein for President 2024

For immediate release:
Monday March 12, 2024

Jason Call, Campaign Manager, 425-691-6631 (m), [email protected]


Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, met today with community members from East Palestine and surrounding areas for a conversation about the ongoing disaster they face due to a train derailment and toxic chemical spill over 1 year ago. Dr. Stein hosted the Town Hall along with Joy Marie Mann and independent scientist Scott Smith. The Town Hall was livestreamed online by Joy Marie Mann at

“Why didn't Joe Biden visit East Palestine until over a year after the poisonous corporate disaster that upended their lives?” asked Dr. Stein. “Why hasn’t he signed a declaration of emergency to ensure that East Palestine residents get the resources and justice they deserve? Well, the corporation responsible, Norfolk Southern, is a big campaign donor that gives more to Democrats than Republicans. You can't work for the people if you're bought by big money.”

Norfolk Southern is a major campaign donor, spending $1.8 million lobbying Congress in 2022 and nearly $1 million in PAC donations to congressional candidates, and giving more to Democrats than Republicans.

The brake failure that caused the derailment came after cost-cutting measures by Norfolk Southern that reduced safety inspections. When railroad workers tried to strike for better working conditions, including critical safety measures, Biden and both parties in Congress voted overwhelmingly to prevent the workers from striking and force them to accept a contract they had rejected.

The spill and “controlled burn” of highly toxic chemicals like vinyl chloride not only contaminated the air and water of East Palestine; two months later, chemical contamination was detected 150 miles down the Ohio River in West Virginia. Residents were sickened right away and continue to suffer major health impacts. Despite this, the EPA and other regulatory agencies insist that the drinking water is safe and refuse to continue indoor air testing.

“While the people of East Palestine have been waiting for real relief from the poisonous corporate disaster that upended their lives, Biden and both parties in Congress have sent over $14 billion to Israel to wage a genocidal war against the people of Palestine,” said Dr. Stein. “The media and political establishment have largely moved on from East Palestine. It’s an issue that the establishment parties and their corporate sponsors want us to forget. But we won’t forget East Palestine.”

“The story of everyday people fighting for their lives against corrupt corporate-owned government does not have a happy ending yet,” said Dr. Stein. “But it’s the story of all our lives, from East Palestine to Palestine, and it’s why we continue to fight for a better world that puts people, planet, and peace over profit.”


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